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How does your organization become data-driven?

Mon 15/01/2024 - 10:33

On Thursday 21 March, SOCOTEC Building Performance, Beilen branch, organises a Spring event for its relations. During the event, 'data-driven working' will  be central.

We kick off the event with a well-catered lunch followed by inspiring knowledge sessions. The afternoon will end with a networking drink. 

How does your organization become data-driven?

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine society and business without data. We generate a lot of data and there is a lot of data available. Ultimately, all that data should lead to smarter decisions, but how do you do that? Where do you start? How can SOCOTEC advise and unburden you in this?

In collaboration with Lotte Hart of SeederDeBoer, we started working on these concrete issues. During the Spring Event on Thursday 21 March, we will take you into the world of data. There are two important requirements to get started successfully with data:

Data in order: setting up a mature data organization. How do you ensure that data is and remains of good quality?

Data-driven working: this can be confronting, for example if the insights from data do not match what you intuitively feel or think. This requires a different attitude and way of looking at things. How do you foster such a data-driven culture?

It promises to be an inspiring afternoon with knowledge sessions and plenty of room to discuss the theme with each other.


Meet guest speaker Lotte Hart

Lotte Hart

During the Spring event, Lotte Hart will provide a knowledge session on: 'What is a data-driven organization and where do I start?' Lotte is used to working in a practical and solution-oriented way. She combines this with her enthusiasm and a good dose of creativity. This is fully reflected in her presentation.

Within SeederDeBoer, Lotte is involved in assignments in the field of data and data analysis. " I believe that the future of companies depends on data. By making smart use of data, you can make better decisions. This brings a lot to a company: more insight into business processes, more efficiency, better service for the customer, completely new products and services," says Lotte.

During her presentation, she will give concrete examples of, among others, housing corporations that she has helped with the step to work in a data-driven way.

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