Project information

Project name: Renovating the locks at Helmond

Date: 2019-2020

Client: Helmond town council

Location: The canal at Lierop/Helmond

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Project description

Locks 8 and 9 on the Zuid-Willemsvaart at Helmond need to be replaced. Helmond’s town council and its Mayor and Aldermen decided that they need to be renovated. The locks are also suitable for shipping. The new locks have a longer life and are being built so that they can also be remotely operated in the future. In addition, the ships using them can be loaded fuller. By building outside the existing lock chambers, the current locks can remain open for shipping for longer. However, at some point they will have to be closed to shipping. The blockage will last for around 3 to 4 months. Locks 8 and 9 will be replaced at the same time.

Services performed by SOCOTEC

Helmond town council commissioned SOCOTEC to carry out the monitoring and compile a plan of approach for this project. The measures to be implemented were an pre construction survey, vibration measurements, height measurements and measurement of the X-Y-Z coordinates.

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