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Cookies are used to ensure that you get the best possible experience on our website.

  • How do we use them?

The website uses cookies to identify a user’s browser and to assist with analytics to improve the user experience. However, we do not use cookies to collect publicly identifiable information.

By accepting cookies, we are able to track your user experience via Google Analytics and Salesfeed. You can also share pages with social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. However, please note that restricting cookies on this website may impact accessibility and the user experience.

For system administration and report generation, we may collect information about your device, such as your IP address, operating system and browser type. All of this is statistical information that does not name anyone or disclose sensitive information. Our website uses cookies that support Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that helps website owners learn how users interact with their pages. This helps website owners keep track of who is using their platform and how to optimise it.

  • What exactly are cookies?

When you visit these websites, small text files called cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive. When you visited the website, whether you visited the site before and which site directed you to the new website are all stored on your hard drive. For example, we use them to help us recognise your device so we can customize your user experience. However, they do not collect or disclose publicly identifiable information about you.

  • How can I disable cookies?

If you wish to restrict or block the cookies our website places, you can do so via your browser settings or by clicking the button to manage Services. Some cookies currently on your computer can be disabled, but this may prevent our website from working properly for you.

You can accept or decline them, globally or on an individual basis. You can also choose to disable these cookies at any time by clicking “here”.

If you wish to limit or block the cookies placed by our website, you can do so in your browser settings or by clicking “here”.  

  • More information about cookies.

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