We guarantee the integrity, performance, safety and sustainability of the built-up environment from its pre-construction, via the construction phase to its final acceptance by means of technical consultancy services. We do so together with our experienced and reliable experts.

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    Offices in the Netherlands

Your business partner for compliant, safe, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

We serve our clients with technical expertise during the entire lifecycle of the built-up environment.

Our 400+ experts all over the Netherlands provide testing, inspection, certification and compliance expertise in the construction and infrastructure sector. We are your unique, qualified partner from start to finish for construction or infrastructure-related projects. In the design and preconstruction phase, we can offer you design advice, geotechnical investigations, monitoring plans, structural surveys. During the construction phase we amongst other things carry out environmental monitoring and quality inspections. During that phase we also monitor and you can turn to use for matters relating to claims & expertise. Finally, we can offer you structural and geotechnical inspections, energy labelling and multi-year maintenance plans. 

Building confidence for a safer and more sustainable world since 1975 in the Netherlands 

In 2022, the SOCOTEC Group formed its Dutch platform by acquiring three companies that were market leader in their disciplines and all work on a safer and more sustainable built environment:   

  • Inpijn Blokpoel Ingenieurs, founded in 1975, that offers state of the art geotechnical engineering and consultancy services in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom
  • Hanselman Group, founded in 1984, that provides risk analyses, risk mitigation measures, structural surveys, monitoring, inspections and loss adjustment to authorities, institutions and companies in construction & infrastructure, real estate, insurance, transport & logistics and renewable energy sectors
  • CAG Group, founded in 1997, has experts who provide technical consultancy with regard to air quality. Three years later they developed their water safety practice after the Legionella disaster in Bovenkarspel


They now work together under the name SOCOTEC

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