KIJK – Reinforcement of the flood defence

Project information

Project name : KIJK – project for reinforcement of the flood defence

Date: January 2022

Client: Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard water board

Location: Krimpen aan den IJssel / Ouderkerk aan den IJssel / Gouderak

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Christiaan E. Mulder NIVRE-re

Advisor Measurements

Advisor Measurements

c.mulder@hanselman.nl +31 6 20959411

Services performed by SOCOTEC

Prior to this project, SOCOTEC drew up a plan of approach for monitoring. Shortly afterwards, pre construction surveys and height measurements were carried out on about 500 structures. During the execution of the work, SOCOTEC will continue to monitor the vibrations and settlement.


Preliminary architectural survey

Project description

The flood defence needs to be reinforced and raised so that in the future it can continue to protect the area. As a result of climate change, the seawater level is rising and high water levels are occurring more frequently in rivers. Subsequently, the water level is also high more often in the Hollandsche IJssel. At the same time, the land level is falling in many places in the Netherlands, including in the Krimpenerwaard.

To ensure water safety even in these circumstances, the stretch of flood defence between Gouderak and Krimpen aan den IJssel must be reinforced and raised. This will be done within the framework of the KIJK project: Krachtige IJsseldijken Krimpenerwaard [Strong flood defence along the IJssel river and in the Krimpenerwaard].

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