Project information

Project name: Education and self-study center, Tilburg University

Date: 2017 

Location: Tilburg

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Ing. H.M. Erik Geurtjens

CEO Geotechnics

CEO Geotechnics +31 499 471792

Services performed by SOCOTEC 

SOCOTEC provided the geotechnical survey and consultancy for this project. Our firm also conducted the geotechnical monitoring during the execution of the construction work. The monitoring consisted of carrying out vibration, deformation and groundwater level measurements.



Tilburg University

Project description

The new CUBE education and self-study centre was built on the campus of Tilburg University. The building has a surface area of around 4600 m2 and a basement level covering about 900 m2. The new construction’s foundations are prefab concrete piles. The basement was constructed within a construction pit entirely enclosed by a sheet pile wall. 

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