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Jan Fokko Nijdam is the new Director of the Beilen branch

Mon 05/02/2024 - 03:40

In late 2023, Jan Drenth announced his departure. On February 1st, Jan Fokko Nijdam started as the director at the Beilen branch. We are pleased to have been able to fill this position in a relatively short time.

Jan Fokko is married to Karlijn, and they have three children aged 14, 17, and 19. They reside in the small town of Onnen. Everyone in the family has a passion for sports, ranging from team sports to individual activities. This inclination might also stem from Jan Fokko's athletic career as a speed skater and skating coach. In addition to sports and household tasks, he enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations and coaching people in their careers.


Jan Fokko


After his sports career, Jan Fokko joined KPN over 17 years ago, where he progressed through various roles. Following that, he served as an interim professional, supporting companies in achieving their objectives. In recent years, Jan Fokko has been a director at two different organizations. His leadership style is based on trust, enjoyment, and transparency. "I believe that this is the only way to achieve company goals. In relation to sports: you can only become a champion when you have a common goal and a team that is physically, mentally, and technically balanced," says Jan Fokko.

Motivation to work at SOCOTEC

We asked Jan Fokko about his motivation to work at SOCOTEC. He responded with great enthusiasm: "I see SOCOTEC Building Performance as an organization with increasing societal impact, operating in an industry that I am eager to learn more about. In a few years, I envision SOCOTEC as a national player, providing even more added value to its clients. I look forward to building a sustainable relationship with both colleagues and SOCOTEC's partners". 

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