SOCOTEC carries out safety tests and inspections on your homes in accordance with the BRL and NEN standards. 


For housing associations we conduct safety inspections that comply with BRL-14015. We also perform electrical inspections according to NEN-3140. With this inspection we can record defects that can impede safety in your home or business premises. By inspecting technical installations according to NEN 8025, the safety of gas, water and electricity is guaranteed in your home. We usually perform this inspection for private individuals.

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Facilities and inspections

  • Electrotechnical inspections

For larger buildings, SOCOTEC can inspect the low-voltage installation in accordance with NEN 3140. We do this by means of a visual inspection but also using measurements and tests. The aim of the inspection is to discover any defects that could hinder living and working in safety. The inspection report of an approved electrical installation proves that you meet the regulations stipulated in the Dutch Working Conditions Act.

Not rarely are unsafe situations the cause of fires in the home, with considerable damage as a result. We assess the safety of technical installations already in place on the basis of NEN 8025, also known as the MOT for homes. If there is a technical defect, it naturally has to be resolved as soon as possible, so that the requirements for safe technical installations and facilities in homes are once again met.

The NEN 8025 method involves:

  • Determining whether an existing installation or facility meets the safety requirements
  • In addition, determining how often such an assessment of your housing is required in order to periodically carry out an accurate test of whether your housing meets all the safety requirements
  • NEN 8025 assesses the safety of existing technical installations and technical facilities in housing. This concerns installations or technical facilities with gas or water and also concerns electricity. Structural facilities are not covered by the standard

Is NEN 8025 compulsory?

NEN 8025 has not been made compulsory by the government. However, applying the standard is a way for parties that let houses to prove that they have fulfilled their duty of care for the safety of tenants. That duty is mandatory. Private home owners are also legally responsible for the safety in and around their homes.

Existing electrical, gas and water installations must meet the requirements for safety and hygiene, as stipulated for existing buildings in the Housing Act and Building Code. On the basis of the law, the owner of the home is responsible for the safety of these facilities. But in the Netherlands, the local councils are also responsible for checking the gas and electrical facilities in housing. It is not mandatory to inspect the installations frequently, but we do advise you to do so. Frequent use or simply ageing means that these facilities are subject to wear.

Using this method, SOCOTEC identifies all the electrical installations and equipment, gas installations (ventilation, airtightness of the gas installation, degree of corrosion and the presence of any carbon monoxide) and water supply installations (temperature of hot water for mixer taps, temperature of hot and cold tap water and finding any defunct pipes in the existing system).

Our inspectors will examine the safety and technical condition of the technical installations and facilities and will carefully write a report based on their findings. Visual material is added to the report. If necessary we can draw up an overview of the costs in both the short and long term. In this way we can help you anticipate, adjust and budget for the measures to be taken.


Home inspections

Residents assume that they are safe in your homes. To guarantee that safety, there are clear standards and guidelines that apply for the construction, management and maintenance of (technical) installations. Want a guarantee that your homes are safe? SOCOTEC can test and inspect your homes in accordance with the BRL and NEN standards. Objectively and independently. Fast and professionally.

Especially for housing associations we have developed a safety inspection that complies with BRL-14015. In the basis version, gas, water and electricity are inspected. However, it is easy to expand the inspection with other points to be tested such as fire safety and asbestos. For years already, SOCOTEC has assisted housing associations with customised inspections. The inspection certificate is a valuable instrument to prove that your homes are safe and healthy for the occupants.

Are you aiming for a sustainable housing portfolio? Then you should have SOCOTEC periodically inspect your occupied housing. This will make any changes a lot cheaper. Making smart combinations with other maintenance or work already planned, we can bundle as much as possible into one visit. Our professionals can also carry out other inspections in addition to gas, water and electricity. For example smoke detectors, flue gas measurements, mould detection, inspection of the paintwork and photovoltaic panels. In this way your homes will be perfectly maintained and future-proof. 


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