Project name: Major maintenance to the Oude IJsselbrug bridge in Zutphen 

Date: 2017-2018 

Opdrachtgever: Construction consortium Damsteegt - CT deBoer DIJZ V.O.F

Location: Zutphen



Description of the project 

The Oude IJsselbrug bridge in Zutphen will undergo major renovation. This connection that is crucial to the town consists of a road bridge and adjacent railway bridge. Construction started on the bridge in 1862 and it was opened in 1865. The bridge has a turbulent history of destruction. In the new situation, there will be a wide strip with foot and cycle paths for cyclists and pedestrians. In the future, pedestrians will be able to sit down on the longest bench in the Netherlands. 

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Guido Bette NIVRE-re

Operational Coördinator Measurements

Operational Coördinator Measurements

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Summary of the project 

The construction consortium Damsteegt - CT de Boer DIJZ V.O.F. commissioned SOCOTEC to carry out the architectural survey and deformation measurements of the bridge and buildings in the immediate vicinity of the abutment on the town side of the river. The values of the vibrations now have been determined using a baseline vibration measurement. In the preparation phase, SOCOTEC drew up a monitoring plan and a prediction of the vibrations in anticipation of the piling to be carried out near to the current piers and abutments.  

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