Project information

Project name: Waterproof in Kockengen

Date: 2016-2018

Client: Stichtse Vecht local council

Location: Kockengen

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Project description

For years Kockengen has had to contend with flooding that has led to gardens and roads settling. Above all in the area of the village that was built after the Second World War, roads and gardens show signs of serious settlement. Reason enough for Stichtse Vecht local council, De Stichtse Rijnlanden water authority and the province of Utrecht to come up with an ambitious plan to resolve this problem which they have called “Waterproof”. Sewers will be renewed, as far as possible rainwater will be kept separate from waste water, public roads will be raised with light foundations.

Services performed by SOCOTEC

Stichtse Vecht local council commissioned SOCOTEC to investigate the foundations of the homes within the area of the project’s second phase. Archives were consulted by SOCOTEC and several, physical foundation investigations were carried out. In addition, SOCOTEC carried out all the pre construction surveys and height measurements before the contractor started working. The vibrations were also monitored during the work.

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