Project information

Project name: Bunker tower Eindhoven  

Client: Being Development 

Location: Eindhoven


Project description 

The former student centre near to the Technical University in Eindhoven is being redeveloped into a residential and office tower and an hotel. Within the framework of the redevelopment, a high-rise building with around 35 storeys will be built. An underground car park with a surface area of around 3000 m2 will be constructed. 

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Drs. Rudi de Koning

Advisor Constructionsites and constructionpits & Groundwater Control

Advisor Constructionsites and constructionpits & Groundwater Control +31 6 21449779

Services performed by SOCOTEC

Being Development commissioned SOCOTEC Netherlands for the geotechnical and environmental surveys and consultancy work.

The CPTs carried out for the new construction had a maximum depth of 40m. Since the rods had to go through very hard layers of sand, special measures were taken to prevent the sounding rods from breaking due to the weight of over 20 tonnes that would be put on them. 


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