Project name: Dike reinforcement Rijnkade Arnhem (Part of the national Flood Protection Programme (HWBP))

Date: 2023-2025

Client: Bouwcombinatie Samen (Van der Ven, Ballast Nedam, Hakkers)

Location: Arnhem

Magnitude : 2023-2025

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In October 2023, Bouwcombinatie Samen (Van de Ven, Ballast Nedam and Hakkers) started reinforcing the dike and quay wall on behalf of the Rijn en IJssel Water Board and the municipality of Arnhem, so that the Rijnkade meets the future climate and flood scenarios.  The quay, the stairs and ramps of the quay will also be adapted, so that there will be more space for meeting places, catering and walkers. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

The Rijnkade runs on the south side of the city centre, about 100 metres upstream from the John Frost Bridge to about 400 metres downstream of the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

In anticipation of the project, SOCOTEC Risk Management & Claims was commissioned by Bouwcombinatie Samen  to draw up a noise and vibration prediction as well as a monitoring plan.


Prior to the start of the work (demolition of the existing quay and installation of sheet piling), SOCOTEC Risk Management & Claims  carried out an extensive structural survey (both outside and inside) of the adjacent buildings in accordance with the standards of the NIVRE (Dutch Institute for Register Experts) and BRL-5024.

In order to monitor any subsidence / displacements in the south-direction of the adjacent buildings during the work, sufficient measurement marks were applied to the buildings and infrastructure before the start of this work and a representative

0 height measurement performed. During the project, repeat measurements will be carried out.

Due to the installation of the sheet piling, the excavation work for the sewerage work and the associated construction traffic, the surrounding buildings are exposed to vibrations. In order to be able to find out whether the vibrations remain below the limit value set by the SBR-A guideline, SOCOTEC Risk Management & Claims  has carried out a vibration measurement with high-quality vibration meters equipped with a GEOPHONE.

According to the Building Decree, it must be demonstrated during all inner-city projects that the limit value for construction noise is not exceeded. In order to determine whether the noise exposure caused by work remains within the requirements of the Building Decree, the noise during this work is measured, recorded and assessed. This data serves as proof of compliance with the permit standard. The noise measurement was  carried out by SOCOTEC Risk Management & Claims in accordance with the guidelines of the Circular Building Noise 2012 with Class 1 noise meters


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