Determining an energy label for Ultraware

Key Information

Date: April 2022

Client: Ultraware

Location: Assen, Netherlands

Scope : 1 location with 23 employees

Summary of the Project

For the past 20 years, Ultraware has been dedicated to working on outstanding client projects, delivering customized software, among other things, to streamline business processes. Ultraware is committed to providing sustainable solutions for both companies and educational institutions.

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Roan van der Veen

Building phisical-, EP-advisor & Thermographer

Building phisical-, EP-advisor & Thermographer

This is accomplished from their highly energy-efficient office in Assen, boasting an A+++++ energy label.

SOCOTEC was enlisted to assess the building for energy labeling. It quickly became evident that Ultraware had not only taken substantial measures in the thermal shell but had also invested considerable attention in the technology and control system (which they developed themselves) to reduce primary energy consumption from fossil fuels and maximize the utilization of renewable energy.


Project Description

As is customary, SOCOTEC was tasked with creating an energy label for a commercial property. However, what set this assignment apart was the request for a detailed energy label for a property constructed in 1996. This meant that Ultraware had to gather evidence of the insulation material's thickness, which was accomplished through photographs and invoices. In this instance, this was feasible due to the meticulous preservation efforts undertaken over the years. Furthermore, new architectural drawings were produced to reflect the current state of affairs. Additionally, significant investments were made in the installation system in recent years. This, in combination with over 200 photovoltaic panels on the roof and the smart technology that Ultraware itself develops on the facades, this culminated in the highest attainable energy label in The Netherlands: A+++++.

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