Renovation and expansion of the MECC in Maastricht

Project information

Project name: Renovation and expansion of the MECC in Maastricht 

Date: 2019-2020 

Client: Maastricht city council 

Location: Forum 100, Maastricht



Description of the project 

In the next few years, MECC Maastricht will be renovated and expanded. The car park at the main entrance will be refurbished and livened up. In addition, a connection will be made between the Expo Foyer and the South Hall. 

The conference centre will also be modernised. As a result, in the future it will be possible to organise conferences for up to 5,000 visitors (currently 3,000). More separate meeting areas will be created and the foyer will also undergo major refurbishment. The so-called Brightlands Meeting Point forms the connection between MECC Maastricht and Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.

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Christiaan E. Mulder NIVRE-re

Advisor Measurements

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Services performed by SOCOTEC

Maastricht city council commissioned SOCOTEC to carry out the architectural survey, vibration and noise measurements in the surrounding area in order to carry out the work in a controlled fashion. 



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