Project information

Project name: Plan for Aan de Kei Centre in Valkenburg

Date: 2014

Client: Valkenburg town council

Location: Valkenburg

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Project information

The execution of the plans for the Aan de Kei centre in Valkenburg. A short walk from its historic town centre, a new residential and shopping location will be built in Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Services performed by SOCOTEC 

To execute the plans for the Aan de Kei centre in Valkenburg, SOCOTEC carried out pre construction surveys on all the surrounding buildings (before and during the work). In addition, a height measurement was carried out and for the most critical buildings, the X-Y-Z coordinates were also measured. During the work, where vibrations were expected, SOCOTEC carried out vibration measurements using its own measuring systems. The measurements were carried out by SOCOTEC’s own experts both on location and online. A damage helpdesk was opened for the local residents, where they can register any damage to their homes in just a few steps.


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