Lengkeek transfers its pre-assessment architectural activities

Tue 12/03/2024 - 14:41

As of March 1, 2024, Lengkeek has transferred its pre-assessment architectural activities to SOCOTEC Riskmanagement & Claims - Hanselman Group. The architectural survey experts and secretarial support from Lengkeek's architectural survey department will become part of SOCOTEC's team.

Hans de Hoog: "After several decades of architectural surveys, the department was ready for a new phase. Keywords were professionalization and continuity. However, larger investments were not justified, as this service is only a small part of Lengkeek, which focuses on damage assessment and appraisal. Continuing with a further specialized industry peer was the obvious choice. For both our people and clients, a bright future lies ahead at SOCOTEC Riskmanagement & Claims."

Robert Hanselman: "We are very pleased with the team's arrival and the fact that Lengkeek entrusts us with its architectural survey activities, team, and relationships. Lengkeek possesses an interesting portfolio that we are eager to serve, and besides conducting the architectural surveys, we can advise on construction risk management/monitoring."

Lengkeek is a full-service provider in damage assessment and appraisals. They serve clients from four offices across the country. Lengkeek's core values ​​are humor, fun, involvement, honesty, collaboration, and helpfulness. These values symbolize Lengkeek and also align with the core values ​​of SOCOTEC Riskmanagement & Claims.

SOCOTEC Riskmanagement & Claims is a market leader in pre-assessment architectural work and has years of experience in monitoring complex projects. SOCOTEC Riskmanagement & Claims is a dynamic company that prioritizes people. There is an informal company culture where integrity, collaboration, and loyalty are highly valued.

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