Methodology change NTA 8800

Fri 28/06/2024 - 05:52

As of July 1, the calculation methodology for NTA 8800 will be adjusted. We will transition from NTA8800:2023 to NTA8800:2024. This means that in Vabi Assets Energie we will move from version 10 to version 11.

The goal of this change is to make the methodology more aligned with reality and to simplify the determination where possible. This will result in the removal or simplification of certain input parameters.

Some examples of this are:

  • For heating pipes within the thermal shell, no data entry will be required anymore. To simplify the calculation, these pipe losses will be omitted.
  • For pipes leading to the kitchen, it will no longer be necessary to determine the internal diameter under the new calculation methodology.
  • For heating, there will be a simplification in the input of emission systems and controls.

NTA 8800 - Changes with a positive impact

Additionally, there will be new input fields in several places to account for common practical situations that are currently not possible to calculate. Examples of this are:

  • For communal installations with a hot water circulation pipe where the diameter is unknown, the default diameter will be determined based on the number of residential functions. For smaller communal installations, this can significantly reduce distribution losses, leading to savings in the calculated energy performance.
  • For small dwellings, a more favorable minimum ventilation rate will be introduced. Currently, the minimum usage time of the dwelling is based on two people, which leads to a relatively high ventilation rate for very small dwellings. This will be made dependent on the usable floor area. For small dwellings, ventilation will thus weigh relatively less in the calculated energy performance.
  • In the National Performance Agreements, it has been established that all E, F, and G labels must be eliminated from the sector by 2028 at the latest. With the current methodology change, it is possible that from July 1, 2024, significantly fewer homes in the stock will have an E, F, or G label, as the adjustment in the methodology can have a beneficial effect on small dwellings.

Concrete next steps

You can use version 10 until July 1. From July 1, only version 11 can be used for the registration of energy labels.

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